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ENROLLMENT 2020-2021

The preschool will be conducting enrollment via online applications. Once the application is received, Susy Anaya, Enrollment Technician ( will contact you to obtain additional information. We are enrolling with a new online process using the Informed K12 Digital Form System and iPinwheel.

  •      All enrollment is now online and can be completed from the comfort of your own home!
  •      You can take pictures of required documents and easily upload them from your cell phone!
  •      Once one is determined eligible for one of the programs, a notification of program enrollment will be sent via email and mailed to your home. Please maintain a copy of this letter.
  •      Please note the due to confidentiality reasons, we can only accept enrollment documents and attachments through this system. Please do not email any documents.



To begin the enrollment process in applying for the preschool program, first identify which program you will be applying for, either the Head Start or State Program.


1.  Once identified, click on the link below to access the Application.


2.  You will need to complete one for each new student you are enrolling.


3.  Please use the Checklist on the first page of the application to gather the

     required documentation for enrollment.


4.  You will need to attach copies of the required documents by doing one of the



             A)  You can take a picture with your phone

             B)  You can download the free application on your phone called Adobe 

                   Scan (Google Play Store/Apple Play Store)


5.  Complete the online packet, attach all required documents, sign all forms,

     and submit.


Returning Students:
For returning students, Susy Anaya, Enrollment Technician will be contacting you via email or phone to recertify. A returner packet will be given to you on the day of pick-up of personal items in June.
Before applying, please review each program options and the income guidelines. This will provide guidance as to which program one can apply for. 
Monday - Thursday
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Facial Covering Required
  • Distancing Required
  • Only 1 Adult Per Family
  • 3 Visitors - Max Capacity
  • Maintain distancing and facial covering while waiting outside
  • Waiting not allowed on ramp to maintain distancing for those entering and exiting