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Our program uses the High Scope Curriculum, which is research-based and early childhood developmentally appropriate.  Our daily instructional practice reflects the current changes in the field of early childhood.  Following this practice ensures our program instruction meets the Heat Start regulations, State Preschool Early Learning Guidelines, and prepares children for entry into kindergarten; all which has been demonstrated to improve future school success.
The basis of our practice is to ensure that all classrooms implement core strategies that create consistent and rigorous instructional strategies that meet the definition of an exemplary preschool practices and prepares students for entry into kindergarten.
The classroom environment is designed to meet the individual needs of the enrolled students and offers optimal learning through hands-on exploration.
Developmental screenings and on-going assessment is conducted with each child and offers teachers information on each child's developmental level.  Teachers plan lessons and activities based on the outcomes of the screenings, assessments, daily observations and parent input.